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About Us

Esther and Tony are the owners and operators of Bryn Glas Farm Stay.  Esther is a Registered Nurse and Tony is an Engineer.  They are both adventurous Canadians who dreamed of living and working abroad and their dream came true when they were granted a work visa to Australia.  So they packed their bags, said goodbye to their friends and family, and got on a flight to Canberra to start their new life in 2006.  After two years, they fell in love with Australia, its land, people and culture, and decided to make Australia their home.

The many holidays with their kids up and down the South Coast caused them to love the sea, fresh food, and country living.  In 2016, they made the leap for a sea change and purchased a rural acreage with a home and a small Farm Stay.  The vision is to grow as much of our own food as possible, develop a permaculture food forest and live as sustainably as possible.  Our farm currently has chickens (eggs!) and sheep (cute lawn mowers) - a small pack for Charlie, our golden retriever/border collie to herd and bees to pollinate our gardens and provide some honey.  

~A Brief History~
John and Sandra were migrants from Wales to Australia.  They both worked many years in Sydney and started dreaming about a change in vocation and lifestyle.  Driving through the Moruya region one day, they saw a SALE sign for a rural property, and pulled in to inquire.  They stood at the top of the property and saw the picturesque view of the hills that reminded them of their home in Wales and instantly made an offer to purchase the land.  The rest as they say is history. 
They completed construction of the house and the Farm Stay in early 2000 with a vision to provide rest for travellers and holiday makers in the comfort and tranquility of a country setting.  For many years they operated as a small farm, raising calves  pigs and chooks and always considered this to be a major part of life. They aptly named the property Bryn Glas - Welsh for "Blue Hills".
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